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Managerial Accounting Case Study




Textbook: Ronald W. Hilton, Managerial Accounting, McGraw-Hill, Boston 10 th Edition (Range: Chapte1~5);Requirements for Case Study: (Require 3~4 Pages);1.) Identify three of the variable costs associated with production. Explain how each of these costs change as volume of production increases.;2.) Identify and describe the controllable and uncontrollable costs associated with the manufacturing process (example of one or two of each would be sufficient).;3.) Of the four production processes, which would you consider Justin Anson Distillery? Provide details on your reasoning. pick one from production processes.;Four production processes?;Job Shop ? low volume, one-of-a-kind products;Batch ? multiple products, low volume;Assembly ? few products, high volume;Continuous Flow ? high volume, standardized commodity products;4.) Do you agree with Anita that the warehousing cost are handling or carrying costs and not production costs? State your case.;5.) Would Justin Anson Distillery benefit from Activity Based Costing (ABC)? Provide details on your reasoning.


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