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I need 700 words to be added to one of my final research paper;- In general I think, due to the Title on the cover page (Features of Accounting Reporting whereas the topic is financial reporting) I think the author had a wrong focus on this work. Please generally review the paper and change the focus more on the financial reporting aspects, rather than accounting reporting.;-I would like to refer to my breefing where I stated a draft of a possible content. That included on the introductory part the "necessity of financial reporting(why, who, etc.)" and also the "asset and liability view in IFRS". Both topics are not covered in the essay. Furthermore, I personally do not clearly understand the key features of IFRS in connection with the underlying accounting theory as they are explained in the text. Again, I refer here to points in my breefing such as matching, elements, etc.. I think there is a bit more work on these topics required. I would have prefered to take my table of content more into account also for the structure of the essay...;- I stated two sources which needs to be considered in the essay. Both where not taken into account but these texts are mandatory for me. I recommend 4-5 references of theses sources each.;- Some points are explained quite shortly such as the topic offsetting. e.g. What is offsetting and for what impact would it have on financial reporting ? this is only 3500 ? so do you need more;- I also need the underlying IAS references for the explained topics which is partly taken into account but not in all cases.;- In general I would like to review the wording in some cases as it does not appear as sophisticated as required.;- Format: the mentioned format regarding page marings was not considered or it was deleted while;I would like to quote preferably most recent a and b-level paper;- the following papers should be quoted as well;Miller, P.B.W. and P.R. Bahnson. 2010. Continuing the Normative Dialog: Illuminating the Asset/Liability Theory, Accounting Horizons 24 (3): 319 - 440;Whittington, g. 2008. What the Old Guys Can Tell Us: Edwards and Bell?s The Theory and Measurement of Business Income, Irish Accounting Review 15 (1): 73-84


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