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Easier Format to read is attached. AP3-8 Production Cost Report, Missing Information [LO 2,3,4,5] Marion Chemicals produces a chemical used as a base in paints. In the manufacturing process, all materials are added at the start of the process, whereas labor and overhead are added evenly throughout production. Fill in the missing information in Marion's Production Cost Report for the month of December. (Enter total cost per equivalent unit to 2 decimal places, e.g. 5.25.) Marion Chemicals Production Cost Report December 2011 Unit Reconciliation Units in beginning WIP (100% material, 10% conversion costs) 8,900 Units started during December Units to account for Units completed Units in ending WIP (100% material, 20% conversion costs) 4,800 Units accounted for Cost Per Equivalent Unit Calculation Material Labor Overhead Total Cost Beginning WIP $46,900 $11,900 $34,800 $93,600 Cost incurred in December Total Units Units completed Equivalent units, ending WIP Total Cost per equivalent unit $2.10 $1.90 $3.40 Cost Reconciliation Total cost to account for $3,791,388 Cost of completed items $3,776,220 Cost of ending WIP Material $ Labor Overhead Total cost accounted for $3,791,388,Thank you


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