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Need only reciprocal method completed.




Need only reciprocal method completed.,Thank you. Will send the step method part seperately as another question.,How about wednesday Tuesday night,Tuesday night pacific time,HI, is tuesday night okay pacific time. Also wondering if you are the same tutor that did the direct method for me?,You're awesome. Thanks. Is there any way I could see some of the work to arrive at the answer. Thank You,Hi, the answers for the step method and reciprocal method are exactly the same. Is this correct? Just want to make sure. Also, any chance I can see some work on the reciprocal method? Thank You,Maximum time today anytime. Just a little confused reciprocal method answer was sent...Are you saying it's not complete? It seems the answer was exactly the same as step method. Is the reciprocal method answer going to be sent again? Thanks for your time. Thank You


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