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I need only step method. Uploaded once said I need...




I need only step method. Uploaded once said I need deposit. Sending it again.,Thank you so much. I ended up doing the direct method on my own and got the same answer as you but the formula you used was much easier to do and I will now use your method from now on. Thank You,Thanks so much.,Is there any way to get some of the work that was done to arrive at the answers. I need to show some work, much appreciated. Thank you,Don't need to see the work anymore,Figured it out. Thanks,In the examples I saw service departments are zero, power S1=0 and Engineering S2=0. I got 422000 in machining P1 and 278000 in assembly P2 for a total of 700000.Is this right? Thank you,Is this one person or multiple people responding?,Yes this is what I got. Thank You,Actually I got engineering 180000 40000 (220000) Machining 120000 192000 110000 + = 422000 Total 422000+278000=700000 Assembly 80000 88000 110000 + =278000,Hello, just want to have someone review my answer. It's seems nobody is responding.,I already asked the question yesterday.,It's above the message you posted right now.


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