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BA 320 Merchandise Budgeting




BA 320 Merchandise Budgeting (***** 100% Correct with Calculation *****);Merchandise Budgeting;Using the following data, develop a monthly merchandise budget using the basic stock method (BSM) and the percentage variation method (PVM).;The Corner Hardware Store is attempting to develop a merchandise budget for the next 12 months. To assist in this process, the following data have been developed. The target inventory turnover is 4.8 and forecast sales are (Month/Forecast Sales);Jan./$27,000, Feb./$26,000, Mar./$20,000, Apr./$ 34,000, May/$41,000, Jun./$40,000;Jul./$28,000, Aug./$27,000, Sep./$38,000, Oct./$39,000, Nov./$26,000, Dec./$28,000;BA/320 Merchandise Budgeting;BA 320 Merchandise Budgeting;BA320 Merchandise Budgeting


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