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Prepare a document flowchart to reflect how ANGIC Insurance Company processes its casualty claims. The process begins when the claims department receives a notice of loss from a claimant. The claims department prepares and sends the claimant four copies of a proof-of-loss form on which the claimant must detail the cause, amount, and other aspects of the loss. The claims department also initiates a record of the claim, which is sent with the notice of loss to the data processing department, where it is filed by claim number.;The claimant must fill out the proof-of-loss forms with an adjuster?s assistance. The adjuster must concur with the claimant on the estimated amount of loss. The claimant and adjuster each keep one copy of the proof-of-loss form. The adjustor files his copy numerically. The adjustor sends the first two copies to the claims department. Separately, the adjuster submits a report to the claims department, confirming the estimates on the claimant?s proof-of-loss form.;The claims department authorizes a payment to the claimant, forwards a copy of the proof-of-loss form to data processing, and files the original proof-of-loss form and the adjuster?s report alphabetically. The data processing department prepares payment checks and mails them to the customers, files the proof-of-loss form with the claim record, and prepares a list of cash disbursements, which it transmits to the accounting department.


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