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Project Part 3




Turn in Part 3 of the project.;The third part of the project, due at the end of this unit, requires you to research third-party continuous auditing software applications and analyze the functionality with respect to your organization.;1. Search the World Wide Web for three continuous auditing software applications developed by third-party software companies (see list below for examples you may use).;Continuous Auditing Software;ACL;Approva;CaseWare IDEA;MetricStream;Oversight Technologies;Trintech;Extend your document from Part 2 by creating a new section at the end that briefly describes each of the three continuous auditing products and its functionality (1?2 pages).;Create a table as an appendix that compares the functionality of the three products. Choose at least five functions that you can compare. Examples include: 1) Pre-defined audit steps, 2) Automatic notification of violations, 3) Compatibility with ERPs, 4) Audit of business transactions, 5) Audit of user access rights, and 6) Dashboard reporting.;After creating the table, add one paragraph after requirement #2 that discusses which tool is a good fit for your organization and why.;After adding the requirements from Part 3 of the project to the document submitted in Part 2, the amended document should be 10?12 double-spaced pages and will be evaluated for content and professionalism. Make sure to proofread, and then proofread again. Even ask a friend or relative to read for ease of reading and proper use of grammar/spelling. Submit via course Dropbox by the final day of the unit (i.e., Tuesday midnight).


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