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ACCT 504 Accounting and Finance Managerial Use and Analysis Complete Course Week 1-7 Devry




Devry ACC 504 (Accounting & Finance Managerial Use and Analysis);Week 1;Overview of Financial Statements ? Discussion;? What is GAAP? What is the purpose of GAAP?;? What is the purpose of a Balance Sheet? What information does it provide?;Week 2;Accounting Information System;? What is the role of the accounting equation in the analysis of business transactions?;? Cash Basis Accounting Defined;? Accrual Basis Accounting Defined;Week 3;ACCT 504 Week 3 Case Study 1 (The Complete Accounting Cycle).;Merchandising Operations and Inventory;Why is inventory important for a business? How is inventory different from other assets of the business?;Discussion Questions;According to our text (p.184) CVP focuses on how profits are affected by five factors.;Breakeven Point;Week 4;Week 4 Assignment (International Business & Career Research Part I & II). (450+ Words);Week 4 Midterm Exam(30 Multiple Choice and 2 Explainatory Questions).;Week 5;ACCT 504 Week 5 Case Study 2 (Internal Control). (600+ Words);Week 6;ACCT 504 Week 6 Case Study 3 (Oxford Cash Budget Template).;ACCT 504 Week 6 Case Study 3 (Oxford Cash Budget).;Week 7;Course Project;Taking a Closer Look at Microsoft and Oracle 2006-2007;Profile;Ratio?s;? Earnings per share PROFITABILITY;? Current ratio LIQUIDITY;? Gross Profit Ratio PROFITABILITY;? Profit margin ratio PROFITABILITY;? Inventory Turnover LIQUIDITY;? Days in Inventory LIQUIDITY;? Receivable Turnover Ratio LIQUIDITY;? Average Collection Period LIQUIDITY;? Assets Turnover Ratio PROFITABILITY;? Return on Assets Ratio PROFITABILITY;? Debt to Total Assets Ratio SOLVENCY;? Times Interest Earned Ratio SOLVENCY;? Payout ratio PROFITABILITY;? Return on Common Stockholders' Equity;? PROFITABILITY;? Free cash flow SOLVENCY;? Current cash debt coverage ratio SOLVENCY;? Price/Earnings ratio PROFITABILITY;Summary;Liquidity;Refrences


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