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Prompt 1;A consulting company that provides software and services relating to business intelligence and analytics has a library of customer success stories on its website at Select and read one of the success stories relating to Activity-Based Management. Summarize the success story, and relate the ideas of the article to what you have learned this week in this course.;Prompt 2;The State of Rhode Island publishes its budget and the supporting information at Access the budget and answer the following;What are the duties of the budget office? (Hint: Use the Primer link.);What are the six governmental functions listed in the budget?;What are the major sources of Rhode Island's revenues?;What is the accounting basis used in the preparation of the budget? (Hint: Use the Primer link and scroll down until you see the Budget Basis section.);The budget mentions four categories of program performance measures. List them, and briefly describe how they are used in Rhode Island. (Hint: Use the Primer link and scroll down until you see the Program Performance Measures section.);What did you learn from reviewing the most recent budget of the State of Rhode Island?;What do you think the biggest challenges are when it comes to preparing their budget?


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