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Financial Accounting Project - Ratio Analysis of Fixed Assets NEED ASAP




The majority of long-term assets consist of property, plant, and equipment and intangibles. These assets are capitalized on the balance sheet and depreciated on the income statement over their estimated useful lives.;Refer to the annual report of the company (see attached) you've selected to analyze. Research and answer the following;What are the balances of net property, plant, and equipment at the company's year-end for the two most recent years you are researching?;Referring to the notes to the financial statements, what depreciation methods did the company use? What were the estimated useful lives of the assets? What kinds of intangible assets does the company own?;Calculate the percent of net fixed assets compared to total assets for the company for the two most recent years you are researching? The formula for this calculation is Net Fixed Assets divided by Total Assets.;I HAVE ATTACHED THE SPREADSHEET AND WORD DOCUMENT OF THE COMPANY I CHOOSE THIS ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO ABOUT THE COMPANY I CHOOSE


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