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**NEED THIS DONE ASAP**;Apply the Malcolm Baldrige (Attached or go to Criteria for Performance Excellence to the organizational change effort you reported on in your earlier assignment (Attached). To prepare;Use the Self-analysis Worksheet template (Attached) to document your analysis of the change effort in the organization you studied.;Select a minimum of four of the seven possible criteria for your analysis, documenting at least one strength and two opportunities for improvement (OFI) for each of your chosen criteria.;Submit your Final Project in the form of a PowerPoint file that could be used to deliver your findings in a presentation to the organization that you analyzed.;Use the Notes feature in PowerPoint to script your presentation (what you would say) and the slides view to provide concise and visually appealing support for your presentation.;For your project;-Summarize the information you gathered as part of the Organizational Change Interview.;-Provide an introduction to the Malcolm Baldrige quality criteria, as well as the strengths and opportunities for improvement that you have identified.;-Conclude your presentation with a clear call to action for business managers, leaders, and HR professionals in the organization, with the goal of influencing them to adopt new practices to improve the quality of their organization in alignment with the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.;-Use what you have learned about effectively leading change to inform and influence the leaders in the organization that you have researched for this assignment.;Final Project Submission;Organization Change Assessment PowerPoint presentation;Self-Analysis worksheet that you completed for this assignment.;All references mus


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