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How many cubic yards of concrete is required to construct 5 miles of interstate that is 12ft wide and paved with 0.5 ft deep with material?;Show mathematically that 1 cfs is nearly the same as 1 acre ? in/hr.;What is the number of significant figures in 509;For the data given in the table below, indicate in which column (A, B, C) the data is repeatable, accurate, or precise.;Speed of a car;A;B;C;Radar Gun 1;Radar Gun 2;Radar Gun 3;Car 1;37;45;45;Car 2;38;46;50;Car 3;40;44;40;*Speed limit is 45 mph;It take 296.13 miles to get from San Antonio, TX to Lufkin, TX in a car. What is a reasonable number to round to, to determine the amount of money I should budget for gas.


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