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Week 1 - The Need for Payroll and Personnel Records




Illegal Employment Questions;As part of the hiring process, job seekers will complete applications for employment and submit them to the hiring company for consideration. Employers considering an applicant for a position will often meet with the applicant in person, and/or over the phone to assist in the selection process. During this process, information is gathered about the applicants, which includes extensive information about the applicant?s background, in order for the hiring company to make an informed decision when selecting a candidate that is the best fit for the position and for the company.;During the hiring process employers need to be mindful of the questions they ask job applicants. Certain questions may disclose information about an applicant that is not job related and possibly give preference to one candidate over another, or potentially discriminate against a job applicant. For this week?s written assignment let?s look at the employment questions that are considered ?illegal? and so inappropriate to ask.;Go to a search engine such as Google,, or Ask Jeeves,, and search for "illegal employment questions".;From the search results complete the following assignment;List five examples of illegal employment questions. [Use credible sources];For each example, why do you think these questions are or are not legal to ask prospective employees?;Are there any circumstances where you believe these questions would be appropriate?;Note the sources used for your examples.;During the interview process;Have you ever been asked an illegal question when applying for employment?;Did you answer the illegal question? Why or why not?;How do you feel about a hiring process that is strictly scripted for gathering information from a job applicant, and the practice of not allowing hiring managers to divert from the script?;Would you be more or less comfortable in this situation?;Do you feel scripted interviews allow for a fairer hiring process?;Do you feel this process helps protect the employer from inappropriate questioning during the interview process?;Can you think of any draw backs when using the scripted approach?


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