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Strategic management accounting (a) Develop the b...




Strategic management accounting (a) Develop the balanced scorecard for the Norwalk Pharmaceutical Division of Chadwick, Inc. What parts of the business strategy that John Greenfield sketched out should be included? Are there any parts that should be excluded or cannot be made operational? What are the scorecard measures you should use to implement your scorecard in the Norwalk Pharmaceutical Division? What are the new measures that need to be developed, and how would you go about developing them? (b) How would a Balanced Scorecard for Chadwick Inc differ from ones developed in its divisions, such as the Norwalk Pharmaceutical Division? Do you anticipate that there might be major conflicts between divisional scorecards and those of the corporation? If so, should those conflicts be resolved, and if so, how should they be resolved? (c) Critically evaluate the process used to formulate the strategy of the Norwalk Pharmaceutical Division and the Balanced Scorecard.,Dear Michael, Thx for replying. I have already done the question 3. So I still need help for the question 1 and 2. Best regards, Sean


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