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1. Tax Planning and Business Strategy Case Study ACC665.v10R.Tax Planning and Business Strategy Case Study_Student.docx 2. Topics, Objectives, and Assignments Throughout this course, you will follow a case examining a person?s individual and business tax liability as changes occur within their life. You will be required to respond to issues concerning the case, in a professional report format, as an individual and as a member of an assigned Collaborative Learning Community (CLC). Both CLC reports and individual reports should include the following information from and based on the case study: 1) Appropriate Header ? Taxpayers name and date of meeting, which should be the assignment submission date. 2) Background information about the case study including a summary of current developments. 3) An analysis of the case scenario including the increase in its complexity with new developments and changes in applicable tax strategies. 4) The resulting impact of these changes on the individual and business. 5) Required resolutions and/or information for issues presented in each subsequent module as the case expands. 6) Appropriate citations and/or references used for each issue or problem should be provided so the entire staff and the firm?s review partner can easily determine your justification for each item. This will allow other members of the staff team (CLC) and your tax partner to see your search (audit) trail used in determining recommendations to the taxpayer?s issues.,I need an answer for the CLC Case Study Report A , and Individual Case Study Report A


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