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Financing Government Operations




Financing Government Operations;The Final Paper will be 10 pages and will contribute 25% to the course grade.;Focus of the Final Paper;Utilizing a public policy of your choice from the local government where you reside, complete the following;Analyze that local government?s revenues and possible funding options for the chosen public policy.;Additionally, utilizing the local government?s annual budgeting documents and any other pertinent documents, incorporate the following into your paper;Describe restrictions that are (or could be) placed on those revenues. Evaluate how public policy decisions affect the receipt of revenues. Analyze the economic conditions that affect revenue projections. Recommend a revenue policy that aligns with community values.;The Final Paper should focus on real-life, real-time applications of topics covered in this course, including the uses you have seen and the uses you can envision.;Must use at least five scholarly sources


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