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EDCP 103 Final Exam




EDCP 103 Final Exam;Section I: Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank;Each question in this section is worth 1 point.;Questions 1-6;Three passages out of the four in each question contain sentence fragments or run-on sentences. Choose the one correct sentence that is error-free.;Questions 7-12;Fill in the blank with the correct verb that agrees in number with the subject. Choose from those listed in parentheses;Questions 13-16;Choose the sentence that uses correct parallel structure;Questions 17-22;Select the sentence that uses correct punctuation;Questions 23-24;Select the sentence with no errors in capitalization.;Section II: Revising Sentences;Each question in this section is worth 2 points.;Questions 25-30;Rewrite the passages to eliminate any sentence fragments or run-on sentences.;Questions 31-35;Revise the sentences to eliminate errors in pronoun use.;Questions 36-40;Each passage contains one or more shifts in tense. Revise each passage so that it maintains consistent tense.;Questions 41-46;Correct the passages by adding punctuation. The punctuation marks you may need are quotation marks, commas, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks, and periods.;Section III: Composing and Revising Paragraphs;Each question in this section is worth 4 points.;Section IV: Essay;The essay is worth 20 points.


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