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Homework Week 5- Magazines




// For complete Question check the attachment// Hours New Subscriptions 1224 5357 1458 6177 1006 4795 1395 5692 1131 4312 921 3421 704 2624 1154 4087 1168 4934 803 2546 830 3591 905 4271 1435 5836 1349 5201 965 3775 985 3592 1117 4566 840 2974 1412 5673 940 3554 1090 4399 1498 6143 1240 4827 1055 5418 Provide answers for these: The attached data file (Magazines.xls) contains the hours per month spent telemarketing and the number of new subscriptions per month over a two-year period for a magazine publisher. The publisher would like to predict the number of new subscriptions based on the hours spent telemarketing. Use the data to create a scatterplot, add a trendline, request the regression line equation and the r-squared value. (You do not have to submit the scatterplot but you will need it to answer Questions 1 ? 6 below.) HINT: Make sure the explanatory variable is on the x-axis. 1. Describe the overall pattern of the relationship between hours spent telemarketing and number of new subscriptions. 2. What is the correlation between hours spent telemarketing and number of new subscriptions? [numerical answer required] 3. What is the equation for the least squares regression line? [Note: The OLI materials give the equation in the form Y = a + bx But Excel presents the equation as Y = bx + a. It doesn?t matter which way you express it as long as it is correct and you can distinguish between the intercept and the slope.] 4. If telemarketing hours increase by one hour, we would expect the number of new subscriptions to _________ by ____________. 5. Predict the number of subscriptions for a month in which there were 900 hours of telemarketing. 6. Explain why it would not be a good idea to predict the number of subscriptions for a month in which there were 1600 hours of telemarketing. 7. A researcher found that the relationship between the appraised value of a house (in thousands of dollars) and its age (in years) could be summarized by the regression equation: Appraised value = 400.8 - 2.5 * age. Interpret the value of the slope in the context of this study. 8. A medical researcher asks: What is the effect of age on blood pressure? Identify the explanatory and response variables. 9. In New York State there is a fairly strong positive correlation between principals? salaries and the reading scores of their students. (This is true.) Upon learning this, a politician recommends that principals? salaries be increased because this will cause students? reading scores to increase. Good idea? (Explain your answer.)


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