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I have all the answers except the last part. E...




I have all the answers except the last part. Equivalent Production: FIFO Costing Method SE 4.Blue Blaze adds direct materials at the beginning of its production process and adds conversion costs uniformly throughout the process. Given the following information from Blue Blaze?s records for July and using Steps 1 and 2 of the FIFO costing method, compute the equivalent units of production: Units in beginning inventory 3,000 Units started during the period 17,000 Units partially completed 2,500 Percentage of completion of ending 100% for direct materials; work in process inventory 70% for conversion costs Percentage of completion of beginning 100% for direct materials; inventory 40% for conversion costs Determining Unit Cost: FIFO Costing Method SE 5. Using the information from the following data, compute the total cost per equivalent unit: Beginning Work in Process Costs for the Period Direct materials $20,400 $7,600 Conversion costs 32,490 2,545


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