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Look up "How it's made" on google.. Select a video clip from the science discovery site that you think might be an example of process cost such as, baseballs, footballs, ice cream, ice cream cones, crayons, aluminum drink bottles. As you view the video, identify and list the different processes that are required to manufacturer the product.;Select one process and create a list of the direct materials, direct labor and manufacturing overhead in that process. For this process suggest how the manufacturing overhead might be assigned to the product.;Present your assignment in Word in an outline format;Title of video viewed and URL;Product manufacture;Processes identified;For one selected process;Direct Materials identified;Direct Labor identified;Manufacturing overhead identified or suggested;Suggest how Manufacturing overhead could be applied for this process;You will be graded on how well you address the questions. Addressing the questions involves identifying relevant facts, applying the chapter concepts,, and answering each question completely. Proper APA formatting is expected and required (cited sources, reference page, etc.).


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