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Gundy Company expects to produce 1,214,280 units of Product XX in 2012. Monthly production is expected to range from 82,730 to 127,450 units. Budgeted variable manufacturing costs per unit are: direct materials $3, direct labor $8, and overhead $9. Budgeted fixed manufacturing costs per unit for depreciation are $6 and for supervision are $3.;Prepare a flexible manufacturing budget for the relevant range value using 22,360 unit increments. (List variable costs before fixed costs.);GUNDY COMPANY;Monthly Flexible Manufacturing Budget;For the Year 2012;Direct LaborVariable CostsActivity LevelTotal CostsDepreciationFinished UnitsFixed CostsOverheadDirect MaterialsSupervisionTotal Variable CostsTotal Fixed Costs;Direct LaborOverheadDirect MaterialsSupervisionTotal CostsTotal Variable CostsFinished UnitsVariable CostsTotal Fixed CostsActivity LevelDepreciationFixed Costs;Total Variable CostsVariable CostsDepreciationFinished UnitsTotal Fixed CostsDirect LaborFixed CostsDirect MaterialsOverheadActivity LevelSupervisionTotal Costs;Variable CostsDirect MaterialsFinished UnitsActivity LevelDepreciationDirect LaborFixed CostsOverheadSupervisionTotal CostsTotal Fixed CostsTotal Variable Costs $ $ $;Total Fixed CostsDirect LaborTotal Variable CostsDepreciationFinished UnitsVariable CostsDirect MaterialsActivity LevelFixed CostsOverheadSupervisionTotal Costs;Total CostsTotal Variable CostsVariable CostsDepreciationFixed CostsTotal Fixed CostsActivity LevelOverheadDirect LaborDirect MaterialsFinished UnitsSupervision;SupervisionTotal CostsDirect MaterialsFixed CostsActivity LevelTotal Fixed CostsDirect LaborFinished UnitsDepreciationOverheadTotal Variable CostsVariable Costs $ $ $;Total Fixed CostsDirect MaterialsSupervisionFinished UnitsActivity LevelDepreciationTotal CostsDirect LaborFixed CostsTotal Variable CostsOverheadVariable Costs;DepreciationVariable CostsActivity LevelDirect MaterialsTotal Variable CostsTotal Fixed CostsTotal CostsDirect LaborFinished UnitsFixed CostsOverheadSupervision;SupervisionOverheadTotal Variable CostsFixed CostsVariable CostsTotal Fixed CostsActivity LevelDepreciationDirect LaborDirect MaterialsFinished UnitsTotal Costs;Total Fixed CostsDirect LaborDirect MaterialsFinished UnitsOverheadTotal Variable CostsSupervisionDepreciationFixed CostsTotal CostsVariable CostsActivity Level;DepreciationVariable CostsDirect LaborDirect MaterialsFinished UnitsFixed CostsOverheadTotal CostsSupervisionActivity LevelTotal Fixed CostsTotal Variable Costs $ $ $;Warning;Don't show me this message again for the assignment Ok Cancel


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