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Assignment 3: Excel Problems P9-28A (p. 517), P10-A-9B (p. 586), and P11-29A (p. 631) in your textbook




Assignment 3: Excel Problems;At the end of each module, you will apply the module?s concepts by completing comprehensive assignments from the textbook.;Complete problems P9-28A (p. 517), P10-A-9B (p. 586), and P11-29A (p. 631) in your textbook.;Present your analysis of the assigned problems in Excel format. Enter non-numerical responses in the same worksheet using textboxes.;By Wednesday, March 26, 2014 deliver your assignment to the M4: Assignment 3 Dropbox.;Create the file with the following name: LastnameFirstInitial_M4A3.Excel.xls.;Assignment 3 Grading Criteria;Maximum Points;P9-28A;Preparation of depreciation schedule for each depreciation method showing asset, depreciation expense, accumulate depreciation and asset book value.;15;P10-A-9B;Present value of Plan A;6;Present value of Plan B;6;Plan selected based on least cost;6;P11-29A;Assess the total market value of the common stock.;5;Compute the book value per share of the common stock.;7;Accuracy and timeliness.;5;Total;50


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