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Current Issue Report: Each student will prepare a...




Current Issue Report: Each student will prepare a 3 to 6 page report on a current issue regarding accounting standards or their implementation. This report should address both pros and cons of the issue and state your personal opinion on the issue in the report conclusion. Papers will be graded based on grammar, spelling, and style in addition to content. These papers must be typed (using a font not less than 10 point nor greater than 12 point), double spaced, one inch margins (change Word's default), and TWO spaces between sentences (again change Word's default), with a cover page, and stapled in the upper left corner (please, no plastic covers or other similar bindings). An identification number will be assigned so that the papers can be graded without knowing the author and that number should appear on the cover page along with the title of the paper. Your name should NOT be included anyplace in the paper. Professional accountants must be able to write thoroughly yet succinctly. Reference citations (single spaced with two spaces between citations) are required so it can be determined if you did enough research to form an informed opinion but are not included in the page count, nor is the title page. (Page numbering does NOT include the title page) A single reference is insufficient, only two is questionable. Wikipedia is not considered a valid source. You may use it only as a starting point and then find more valid sources of information to include in your references.


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