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Portfolio Project;Intel Inc.;Refer to the Intel Inc. 2012 financial statements and the accompanying notes to answer the;following questions. The 2012 financial statements of Intel can be accessed at;;Module 1;1) What are the maturities on Intel?s Long-term debt?;2) What are Intel?s projected obligations on Long-Term Debt and Payments due by period?;3) What is the par or stated value of Intel?s preference shares?;4) What is the par or stated value of Intel?s ordinary shares?;5) What percentage of Intel?s authorized ordinary shares was issued at Dec 29, 2012?;6) How many ordinary shares were outstanding at Dec 29, 2012, and Dec 31, 2011?;Module 2;Under Intel?s equity-based compensation plan, share options are granted annually to key managers and directors.;1) How many options were granted and exercisable in 2011 and 2012 under the plan?;2) What number of diluted weighted-average shares outstanding was used by Intel in computing;earnings per share for 2011 and 2012? What were Intel?s diluted earnings per share in 2011 and;2012?;3) What other equity-based compensation plans does Intel have?;4) What investments does Intel report in 2012?;6) How does Intel determine fair value?;7) How does Intel use derivative financial instruments?


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