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Duncan Keith Celebrated Blackhawks Title by Sticking His Child in the Stanley Cup




It truly is the NHL offseason, which implies it's time for the champions to fill the Stanley Cup with wild and great issues. Very first up: Duncan Keith's child.;For The Win's Tim McGarry collected a couple of tweets from the jubilant celebration that took spot right after a raucous Game six Duncan Keith 2015 Winter Classic Jersey.;A single of the more memorable photographs was the defenseman taking his little one close to the ice, sharing in the championship spoils with his son Colton, who was born barely six weeks in the past.;As this tweet from NBC Sports activities exhibits, Colton wasn't getting the greatest of instances.;In fact, it seems to be like he would rather locate a great comfy bed than this tough "Cup" his dad is putting him into. Still, some thing tells me Colton is going to be all smiles when he is old sufficient to realize the historic trophy he when employed as a recliner.;Here is a tweet from ESPN's Pierre LeBrun showing dad and his little one boy, offering us all we require to know that Keith is getting 1 remarkable year.;Sporting Information then brought us this wonderful side-by-side comparison of two champions sharing their second of victory with their kids.;Drew Brees' child is possessing the time of his existence at the Super Bowl. On the flip side, Colton is pretty annoyed with individuals noise-canceling headphones Corey Crawford Jersey.;Not to worry, kid, since issues are going to get better.;Soon your dad will fill that Stanley Cup with beer, cereal or no matter what else comes to thoughts. Yes, Keith will be in a really great mood for the remainder of the summer time.;Greg M. Cooper-USA Nowadays Sports So will the rest of the Blackhawks, who are about to take that famous trophy on a worldwide tour of excess.;Even now, no player can best anything at all as adorable as Colton residing in the Stanley Cup for a quick second, but it is going to be exciting to view Keith's colleagues try out.


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