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MIcrosoft Sec 10-K Paper




Requirements;Answer the following questions regarding your assigned company's 2013 10K. (MICROSOFT);1.Copy and paste 1 Risk factor disclosed by your company, and comment on your thoughts.;2.The SEC requires that companies prepare an MD&A section. Briefly explain what this is, and copy and paste 2 paragraphs from your company's MD&A section.;3.Effective for financial periods ending on or after December 15, 2011 (for public companies), ASC220 - Comprehensive Income requires that companies present Comprehensive Income in either of 2 ways. Prior to this date, there were 3 ways. Please state which of the ways your company presented Comprehensive Income. (You do not need to copy and paste);4.Locate the significant accounting policy disclosure note on Depreciation. What depreciation method(s) does the company employ? Was there anything surprising about this?;5.If your company has Inventory, identify the major categories of Inventory for the current year (including $ amounts) i.e.Raw Materials vs Work In Process vs Finished Goods etc, and whether they use LIFO vs FIFO vs Average Cost methods. If your company does not have Inventory, copy and paste the significant accounting policy disclosure note that addresses revenue recognition.;Attached: Microsoft SEC 10-K;Must be in APA paper format


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