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Ethics Final




For this project you are to design a detailed proposal for a training program in ethics for accountants working in a wide range of areas. The proposal should be written from the perspective of training new employees in a mid-size or large public accounting firm that operates in the United States and an array of other countries in different parts of the world. The firm has decided that its current training program is outdated, incomplete, and inadequate in addressing issues relevant to accounting practice in a global economy.;In the design of your training program, address and integrate the primary topics covered in this course, including ethics, professional judgment and decision making, fraud prevention, rules, regulations, and liabilities, financial reporting, and international accounting issues. Include the perspective of the AICPA code and how it influences professional conduct.;Your project proposal is to be at least 10 pages, not including title page, references page, and any appendices you decide to attach. Make sure that the formatting complies with the APA writing guidlines. The project should contain a minimum of five credible, quality references that are current and relevant.


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