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Be sure to thoroughly address each of the following questions in your Unit 1 Marketing Plan submission.;What is the brand name of your for-profit business/organization?;What is the new product, not currently in existence, that will generate revenue for which you will prepare a marketing plan and strategy during this class? Give the product a name and briefly describe it.;Look up ?brand extension? in your Kotler text and describe whether your product is considered a line or a category extension.;How will you acquire information to prepare your marketing plan during this class? What research will you undertake? Be specific.;Describe the key customer market (who are you targeting?);Will your new product be marketed domestically or globally? Why?;Submit your response to the above questions into the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox.;Tip;The guide you should use for all Brand Extension Marketing Plan assignments is in Doc Sharing. You can also access it by clicking on the Resources icon below.;The Kotler & Keller text will be extremely useful to you when completing your ongoing weekly assignments. Be sure to review the Sample Marketing Plan (Pegasus Sports International) in Chapter 2 of your Kotler text.;During each unit of our class, a new component of the Marketing Plan will be due.


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