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ACC 290 week 4- Peachtree/Toolwire Activity




Resources: Toolwire Peachtree Student Desktop, Peachtree Assignment Directions;Access Peachtree using the link on the student website.;Click the Lab Access link.;Click the Peachtree Complete Accounting Education Version 2010.;Select the Open an Existing Company.;Select Bellwether Garden Supply.;Click on Reports and Forms.;Select Financial Statements from the drop-down menu.;Run the 2-year Income Statement.;Save a Microsoft ? Excel ? file to your My Files folder.;Select File Transfer to copy to your personal.;Add columns to perform a 2010 vertical analysis (percent to total assets) and horizontal analysis (2010-2009 dollar and percent increase/decrease);Submit a copy according to your facilitator's instructions.;Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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