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INFS 724 Assignment 3




INFS 724 Assignment 3;Assignment 3;You are to present a project for your company (real or theoretical). This project must be justified using the information and procedures listed in your text. I have provided a short RFP below however you will be graded on your submission so be aware that you will be rewarded according to your efforts!;Potential Project Proposal;Student Name:Alotaibi Date: Feb 9 2014;Potential Project Name;Project Sponsor?s Name and Organization;Justification or Reason for the Project;Main Project Deliverables;Required Team Skills;Main Team Tasks/Roles;My Desired Role and Why;Project Sales Pitch;(You must convince your classmates to work on this project with you. Write a short sales pitch to post on discussion board and submit in dropbox.) The team will select one project to work on as a team project. The team project will be a group effort in assignment 5.


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