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Fin 382 Final Financial Analysis Project




Fin 382 Final Financial Analysis Project;Project on Well Fargo;and Bank of America;Course Project;Horizontal Analysis ?;I. Choice of;Companies and an Overview of Their Operations and Industry ? Briefly outline;what each company does and its industry.;II. Discussion of;Current Issues Impacting Financial Statements ? Include any relevant current;event information, news that has affected financial statements, or world events;that could impact the businesses. Research will have to be done on this. Some;good sources of information include the most recent annual reports for each;company (these can be found online for all publicly-traded companies, utilize;the most current year-end annual reports available), Yahoo! Finance, the MSN;Money website (this will provide current information on your company and some;ratio information), and various business magazines. You can find the websites;suggested under the Webliography tab in the course.;III. Relevant;Ratios and Discussion ? List what ratios you think are relevant to your;companies and industry. Go to the Excel spreadsheet in Doc Sharing, review the;ratios listed under the ratio tab, and pick what you think may be relevant. In;one to two paragraphs, briefly discuss ten ratios you think may be important;and include ratios from the different categories. The ratios will be;automatically calculated on the spreadsheet (please see section IV regarding;this). (10 points);IV. Excel;Spreadsheet FinSAS.xls ? Manually input the financial data for your company;under the input tab on the spreadsheet. You should insert numbers highlighted;only in blue. These numbers should be found in the company's most recent;year-end annual reports (utilize the most year-end numbers, the spreadsheet has;it starting at 2008, but change the year to 2012 and go five years historically;from there to 2008), which can be obtained online under your company choice.;Complete a separate spreadsheet for each company. Write that you completed the;input for the spreadsheet for both companies and that the spreadsheet works. To;check this, once you input the data in the input tab only, check the other tabs;(ratio, vertical analysis) to ensure that you see the automated calculations.;(20 points);V. Bibliography;Written content and explanations can be completed in a;separate (Word) document.;Course Project;Vertical Analysis ?;I. Identification;of Significant Asset Items, Liability Items, and Comments on Revenue and;Profitability ? List specific issues that you think affect these items. For;example, economic factors, new product launches, and recent news developments;can affect the items. Information can be obtained from annual report write-ups;financial notes, and the Internet. Briefly comment on how they affect financial;numbers such as sales, profitability, costs, revenue, and so forth.;II. Relevant;Ratios and Discussion of Your Findings of Vertical Analysis ? Discuss briefly;your vertical analysis findings, which are calculated automatically on the;spreadsheet under the vertical analysis tab. Then, identify any key ratios that;you think impact vertical analysis.;III. Excel;Spreadsheet FinSAS.xlsx, Calculations of Vertical Ratio Analysis ? This is a;separate tab under the project spreadsheet and will calculate automatically;based on what you inserted in the input tab during Week 2. Ensure that it has;calculated, and provide a brief analysis of your findings. The spreadsheet does;not need to be submitted this week, just state that the spreadsheet is;calculating correctly for each company.;Course Project Final;Ratio Analysis ?;I. Explaining;Business Objectives and the Effect of the Objectives on the Ratios ? Briefly;highlight if the ratios meet the criteria of the business objectives. These;objectives can be found in the annual reports under CEO comments and business;summaries.;II. Identification;of the Three Most Important Ratios for Your Companies and Support ? Include why;you think these ratios are the most important, what do they indicate about the;financial health of each company? All ratios should be automatically calculated;based on your input sheet from Week 2.;III. Computation;of Relevant Ratios and Comparison to Industry Data ? Verify that all ratios;have been automatically calculated on the spreadsheet. On a separate document;list the ratios in comparison to the industry. Industry ratios can be found on;various financial websites. The list should be in a table format, showing;Company A, Company B, and then the industry ratio.;a. Bibliography;b. Other back;material, as needed: detailed tables, extended quotations from which shorter;quotes are taken, and so forth.;Final Report;Written content and explanations can be completed in a;separate (Word) document.;General Expectations for your Final Course Project;Submission ?;A Word document, as;well as the Excel document for each company, must be submitted. Also, submit a;spreadsheet for each company completed.;You should also be;sure that you answered the following: "Which company has better financial;ratios and why? What do the ratios indicate? Compare the financial ratios for;the latest year to the industryaverages.;Is each company above or below the industry averages? Compare for each;ratio." All this information should come from your previous weeks;submissions. A suggestion is to include a section in the paper that responds to;each of these questions stated. A paper clearly outlined with separate sections;generally reads easier.;Citation Help;Don't forget to cite your sources properly, both;parenthetically and in your bibliography or works cited. If you need assistance;with proper citation, the following website may be beneficial;;Be certain to Use the APA Style


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