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QNT 561 week 6 Final Business Problem and Project




QNT 561 week 6 Final Business Problem and Project;Complete the cumulative Business Research Report in no more than 1,400 words by collaborating with your team to include the following;Revised tables or figures based on prior instructor feedback;The description or interpretation for the tables or figures;Summary of Learning Team results;Answers to the research questions;Research challenges;Steps to minimize challenges in future research;Rationale for the survey items;Analyze the implications of the team's results in relation to the business.;Recommend avenues for future research based on your research results, challenges, and implications.;Format your Business Research Report consistent with APA guidelines.;Develop a Microsoft ? PowerPoin t? presentation of no more than 15 slides that includes the following elements;Overall picture of the research process;Summary of the research results including specific answers to the research questions;Summary of the challenges, implications, and recommendations;Submit the cumulative Business Research Report and Microsoft?PowerPoint?presentation to your instructor.;Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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