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GE 273 week 7 Analysis




GE 273 week 7 Analysis;Task 1: Consider the following table of costs for the Winsome Widget Factory, which operates in a perfectly competitive market. The market price faced by this firm is $6.00 per widget.;a.;Fill in the formula for AFC, AVC, ATC, MC, TR, MR, and Total Profit at the top of the column in the gray section within the table.;b.;Fill in the missing values for TFC, TVC, AFC, AVC, ATC, MC, TR, MR, and Total Profit in the blue sections of the table.;Winsome Widget Factory;Output;Total Fixed Cost;Total Variable Cost;Total Cost;Average Fixed Cost;Average Variable Cost;Average Total Cost;Marginal Cost;Total Revenue;Marginal Revenue;Total Profit;0;$100;10;150;20;180;30;200;40;240;50;300;60;375;70;475;80;600;90


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