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Project 4 Employee Discipline




Project 4 Employee Discipline;Project 4: Employee Discipline;As a manager, whether in human resources or otherwise, you will eventually encounter employee discipline problems. Your assignment is to select one of the following three employee disciplinary scenarios and explain how you would handle the situation. Submit your answers through the dropbox.;? The theft of several lunches from the break room refrigerator has been traced to a newly hired maintenance employee. When confronted, the employee admits to the theft but tells you that he hadn?t eaten for two days and that he will have no money until his first paycheck arrives in another week. What would you do?;? An employee shows up to work wearing shorts. The first time it occurred, you called her into your office and explained the company dress code. The employee indicated that she understood the dress code, but showed up in shorts the following Friday. What do you do now?;? Someone has been using the company?s toll-free 800 number s to talk to a long-time employee. These calls last for up to 30 minutes each, which means the employee is not being productive and the company is incurring phone charges. How would you handle the situation?


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