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Harvard Case Study Honest TEA (Update 2014)




Harvard Case Study Honest TEA (Update 2014);Read the following Harvard Business School case;Gompers, P. A. (2001, March 8). Honest Tea.;Prepare a financial ratio and financial statement analysis.;Review the case study, then answer the following questions and provide your recommendations. Provide a rationale for each recommendation. There is a "help" spreadsheet that can be used to assist in organizing and summarizing the issues. Spreadsheet tables can be pasted into a Microsoft Word document to highlight and summarize the main issues, but you should also include text discussion within your document that expands on the summary tables.;Case study analysis questions;Does the Tea market appear to be attractive as of the year 2000? Explain by referencing relevant metrics and information.;How is Honest Tea doing financially and otherwise? Discuss by referencing relevant metrics and other information.;What does Honest Tea need to do about its financing to be successful in the future? Discuss.;Who has the company approached for financing in the past and were they the "right" investors? Explain.;What amount of financing appears to be needed to support the future sales projections of $9,000,000 in 2001 and $16,900,000 in 2002? Explain.;Describe the alternative funding sources that are being considered. Describe the Pros and Cons for each with conclusions.;What value seems reasonable for the total equity of the company? Why is this measure important as the company meets with potential investors? Explain.;Imagine you are a financial consultant to Honest Tea. Present your analysis and recommendations as a report to Honest Tea management.;Format;Present your case study analysis in Microsoft Word document format and the financial analysis in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.;All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.


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