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Week 3;Assignment 2: Copier Paper Report;By Wednesday, September 24, 2014, post to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox your solution to the following problem;You are a quality analyst with John and Sons Company. Your company manufactures fax machines, copiers, and printers that use plain paper. The CEO of the company wants the machines to handle 99.5 percent of all the paper that is used in them without the paper getting jammed. The CEO asks you to determine the thickness of paper that the machines must be able to handle to achieve this target. Using the data provided (located in the Doc Sharing area as Worksheet AUO_MGT340_M3-rev.xls), prepare a 6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation directed to the CEO of John and Sons Company detailing your findings. Make sure you include the appropriate confidence limits for the thickness of paper that the machines must be able to handle. Use the notes section in PPT to clarify your talking points. You must use at least one data chart, one additional graphic and three additional resources (one of which may be your text book) in your presentation to support your analysis.;Thickness;0.00385;0.00358;0.00372;0.00418;0.00380;0.00399;0.00424;0.00375;0.00449;0.00422;0.00407;0.00434;0.00381;0.00421;0.00397;0.00425;0.00449;0.00462;0.00467;0.00404;0.00391;0.00431;0.00398;0.00415


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