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BUS Assignment What European Union mean




BUS Assignment What European Union mean;Select only 5 to answer!!!!!!!!!!;Your answers must be in essay form and adhere to APA citation style.;You must provide content other than what is provided in the textbook. Use scholarly resources and examples to support your conclusions.;1. What does the term ?European Union? mean? What is the European Union's ultimate objective? Comment on its success in the international business sector. Why has the creation of the European Union encouraged more North American and Pacific Rim companies to establish operations in Europe?;2. What are the four foundations upon which laws are based around the world? Briefly explain each foundation and how they might conflict with each other.;3. What is the difference between morals and ethics, and why is this important to international business?;4. Describe the difference between an achievement culture and an ascription culture. How does an understanding of these differences help an international manager be effective in dealing with clients outside his or her own culture?;5. Describe the differences between the four strategic dispositions. What is the principle advantage of each disposition?;6. What are the four types of organizational culture identified by FonsTrompenaars? Provide a brief description of each of these cultures.;7. What are the components of effective communication? Include both verbal and nonverbal scenarios.


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