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Econ 476 Assignment 2




Econ 476 Assignment 2;ECON 476v7;Assignment 2;Assignment 2 is worth 15% of your final grade, and should be done after you have;completed Units 6 through 9. Read the requirements for each question and plan your;responses carefully. Answer all five questions.;Although your responses should be concise, ensure that you answer all portions of each;question completely. The objective of this assignment is for you to synthesize the material;presented in Units 6 through 9, and to consider each question rationally and logically.;1. Graphically demonstrate and explain whether or not the degree of capital mobility;will affect monetary policy under flexible exchange rates.;2. Provide a review of the developments that led to the demise of the Bretton Woods;system of fixed exchange rates.;3. What happens to domestic income in the AS?AD model when the price of a critical;imported, intermediate input suddenly rises? (Assume the demand for the input is;inelastic.);4. Low-income nations have a dilemma as to whether to fix or float the currency;exchange rates. There are many factors that affect their decisions and how;effectively they can manage a financial system. Discuss a few of these factors that;contribute to the success of a policy.;5. Some remedies and preventive measures have been put forth to slow or forestall;currency crises, such as capital controls and intermediate regimes (i.e., fixed or;floating exchange rates). Discuss these measures and comment on whether they;would be effective. Explain why or why not.


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