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Accounting unit 4 assignment




You recently decided to enter the world of politics due mostly to your frustration with your local government?s spending that you were made aware of through the community. Your new position allows you to have input in regards to how the 10 million dollar annual budget is to be spent. You are heading up the committee to make the decision on what expenditures are approved or denied.;The first submission you receive as the head of this committee is for the annual Halloween costume party. It sounds like a great time and a way to get to know many of your new colleagues. The previous chair of this committee has already approved the expense. However, you have hesitation. You could not help but to ask yourself if this really was a good use of funds.;Based on the scenario above, what would you do? Ethically, do you feel you should abide by the approval? Would you just make the payment? Explain your reasoning.


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