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FIN 571 Week 1 DQs + Assignment




FIN 571 Week 1 DQs + Assignment;DQs;1. Explain why the notes to a firm?s financial statements are an integral part of the company. What kind of information is in this section? Why should an average investor be sure to read them?;2. Does paying an executive $1 per year but giving them stock options create an agency issue? Why or why not?;3. Distinguish between each of the following pairs. What exactly makes them different? Why? Note: Do not cut and past your reply from the internet or the text or you will not receive credit. I am interested in your own opinion.;Spot market and futures market;Option contract and futures contract;Primary market and secondary market;4. Can ethics be legislated? What about SOX? If it follows all applicable rules and regulations is a company ethical?;Individual Assignment: Guillermo Store Concepts Paper


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