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We are fast growing academic company in UK, USA. We are working closely with different universities;We mainly serve PhD and Master Degree level students, however we opened undergraduate level which growing unbelieveable so academic writers are needed;Please write your area of speciality, rate for 1000 words, of if your a computer science (we already have good ones), accounting (as well we have one from here, but we can have other).. how you charge;We have also here some writers who are now working, closely with us. They now know how we works and even happy with our terms.;I seriously have no time for a long chat here, just make it simple. Plus, please you need to answer the above.;Plus no need for bad attitude, we all here doing business so would like to have a friendly emails and chatting. No snapping if you cannot get it, or if I do not reply simply have things to do.;Yes, if you work with us, you can do PhDs and Master Degree min payment for any of those is 300USD;thanks;Note I put 20USD as I have to put something;All trsncations will be dealt through the website


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