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FIN 380 Week 1 Individual Assignment Nonprofit Organization Overview




FIN 380 Week 1 Individual Assignment Nonprofit Organization Overview;Free Preview of the Outline of the Assignment;Organizational characteristics of nonprofit and for profit organizations;The organization which we run for the sake of earning profit through various types of socially acceptable works is called profit seeking organization.;On the other hand, organization which provides services for virtue or for social welfare leaving the motive of profit through various socially acceptable jobs is called nonprofit organization.;Therefore there exist some significant differences between these two types. These are described below,??..;1. Passion for mission;It is the real strength for the nonprofit organization. Stuffs and workers have the gusto to work motiveless and ensure the........;2. Atmosphere of scarcity;Most of the non- profit organization are ???;3. Bias towards formality, participation and consensus. ????..;6. Mixed skill level;??..participation there exists a huge mixture of different skill level people whereas profit seeking organization has uniqueness in the field of skill level.(kaye);Types of activities for non-profit and profit organizations;Relationship to organization mission to strategic planning;Bibliography;David, F. R. (2009). The business vision and mission. In F. R. David, Strategic management,concept and cases (p. 48). Prentice Hall.;Irwin Talesnick, C. B. (2009). NCBI. Retrieved july 23, 2013, from;kaye, M. a. (n.d.). Eight charectaristics of non-profit organizations. Eight charectaristics of non-profit organizations, 1-4.


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