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*Writing Assignment #2:*Crimes against businesses, such as fraud;embezzlement, and computer crimes. While these crimes did not result;in any physical harm to anyone, the financial damages have been;devastating. People who were affected by these crimes has lost things;that cannot be replaced over time while the firms? affected will have;the reputations affected for a lifetime. History may forget the;individual victims, but history will not forget names such as Madoff;Enron.;Locate a recent fraud, embezzlement, computer crime case that occurred;within the last five years. The case chosen must have been committed;in the last five years and the perpetrators have been brought to;justice. Make sure that you have enough information about the case so;that you can answer the following questions;-What are the main facts about the case?;-Apply the fraud opportunity triangle to the case and illustrate how;the case complies (or does not complies) with the triangle.;-If you can go into the mind of the person(s) who committed the crime;what do you think drove them to commit the crime? Were there signals;that could have alerted someone that the person(s) were on the verge;to commit this crime?;-Since this crime was committed via use of some sort of accounting;system, what additional controls would you recommend that be included;to prevent or limit crimes like this from happening again?;-Do you agree with the outcome with this case in terms of the verdict?;Was it too harsh or not harsh enough?;Your response must be at least six complete pages long (excluding;cover page), using the APA writing style. You also _must include at;least three external reference (excludes textbook) and include at;least two in-text citations_. The references and citations must be;related to the material being presented, and cannot be the textbook or;the case itself.


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