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BUS 401 week 2 Discussion Bond Calculation




DISCUSSION TWO;Go to theYahoo Finance Bonds Center.;Under: Bonds Center click Bond Screener;Click the Corporate check box under Bond Type then click Find Bonds.;Choose any bond.;Assume interest rates for bonds today is 5% for an AAA rated bond. Calculate the price of the bond you have selected relative to the 5%. Is the bond selling at a premium or a discount? Why? Be sure to show how you arrived at your answer. What other factors may influence the value of a bond?;This is the name of the corporation I chosen;PRIVATE EXPT FDG CORP;As of 1-Jul-2014;OVERVIEW;Price;101.28;Coupon (%);3.050;Maturity Date;15-Oct-2014;Yield to Maturity (%);-1.380;Current Yield (%);3.012;Fitch Ratings;AAA;Coupon Payment Frequency;Semi-Annual;First Coupon Date;15-Apr-2010;Type;Corporate;Callable;No;OFFERING INFORMATION;Quantity Available;15;Minimum Trade Qty;2;Dated Date;29-Sep-2009;Settlement Date;2-Jul-2014


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