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project paper: Millenial Maladies in Managerial Economics: A Case Study on General Motors;1.The paper needs to address a current economic topic;2.This paper is worth 200 points.;3.The final paper needs to be at least 10 - 12 pages in length, exclusive of title page, abstract, exhibits, tables, and references.;4.As with all written assignments, this Paper needs to be in APA format, which means (and this is not an exclusive list) your paper needs to have;a. title page;b.Running head;c.Abstract;d.Easily identifiable THESIS STATEMENT and conclusion;e.Double-space, correct margins and tabulation, and headings;f.A dedicated Reference Page, with correctly formatted references;g.Proper style and tone for a graduate level course;h.Proper use of APA 6th standards;5.You will be well served to carefully read the rubric prior to beginning this paper. Please note the breakdown for points in this assignment are as follows;a.Thesis and Conclusion (10%);b.Analysis and Development (30%);c.Support (20%);d.Development and Organization (10%);e.APA Usage and Voice (10%);f.Writing, Grammar, and Usage (20%)


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