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Research project This major assignment calls on you to apply high order thinking skills, and as such is, by designambiguous and requires you to take a bit of a risk. It is nothing more than you will be required to do inthe workplace as a professional accountant or manager. Length: A maximum of 3000 words has been set. You do not need to write the maximum number of words. Please refer to individual questions. It is important to find the balance between brevity and completeness. You will need to make the decisions about what to include and what to leave out. Required You are working for a company that is considering listing on the ASX. Your manager has been reading up on the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. He is aware that these principles are merely recommendations and are not mandatory and is interested to see what types of disclosures have been made by the largest companies listed on the ASX. Your department has been asked to write a report on the corporate governance disclosures made by the top 10 companies listed on the ASX during 2012. A. Data Collection: In order to prepare this report you have been given the resources you will need to create an Excel database that will be used to analyse specific corporate governance disclosures. You are responsible for organising a team to collect this information from the annual reports of the companies listed in the pro forma spreadsheet. This Excel spreadsheet has been provided for you in the unit documents. You boss is only interested in the consolidated information for each of these companies. B. Description of Database: In your report you will need to describe the companies in your database. This will involve a discussion of the industry membership, size (total assets), the relative audit fees (audit fees/total assets) and fees for other services (other services fees/total assets) for each company. Compare each company?s 2012 figures with the previous year (2011). Only discuss those differences or similarities that you think may be interesting or important. Please limit your answer to Part B to approximately 500 words. C. Definition of Corporate Governance: Your boss is interested in the definition of corporate governance provided by the ASX and would like you to include an explanation of the meaning of this definition in your report. He has asked you to further research this topic to see if you can find other definitions that you consider to be more appropriate. Please limit your answer to Part C to approximately 500 words. D. Corporate Governance Disclosures: You manager has asked you to report on whether these top 10 companies have complied with all of the ASX corporate governance principles and to identify any notable differences between the corporate governance disclosures that were made in last year?s corporate governance report and those that were made this year. Your manager does not believe that all of these very large companies would spend the time needed to comply with all of the ASX corporate governance principles and is interested to see if these companies appear to be recycling last year?s disclosures. Please limit your answer to Part D to approximately 500 words. E. Remuneration of NEDs: Your manager is concerned about how large listed companies disclose the fees paid to their NEDs. You have been asked to select one of the companies you are examining and identify the level of fees paid to their NEDs. He would like you to describe the processes that the company has put place to ensure that NEDs are fairly remunerated. Your manager would like to know how these processes can assist in maintaining board independence. Please limit your answer to Part E to approximately 500 words. F. Other interesting information: Discuss any other interesting information that you have found in your research. This is where you can discuss any corporate governance issues that your manager has not specifically requested and are issues that you consider to be important. Please limit your answer to Part F approximately 500 words. G. Summary: Finally summarise your research findings in a conclusion. Be sure to provide a summary of the information that is contained in your report. Please limit your answer to Part G to no more than 500 words. Marking guide ? Research Project, Session 2, 2013 Your submission will be marked on a five-point scale (1 ? unacceptable, 5 ? exemplary) on the following criteria: 1. Data Collection: Completeness of the Excel database. Requirement A. 5% 2. Data Collection: Contribution to data collection. Requirement A. 5% 3. Description of the database: Completeness and accuracy of the information requested in requirement B. 10% 4. Description of the database: Comparison of this year?s and last year?s information requested in requirement B. 10% 5. Definition of Corporate Governance: Completeness of discussion on the ASX and other definitions of corporate governance. Requirement C. 10% 6. Corporate Governance Disclosures: Completeness of the discussion on the compliance with corporate governance requirements and the comparison between this year and last year. Requirement D. 10% 7. Remuneration of NEDs: Identification of the fees paid to NEDs. Quality of the discussion related to independence issues associated with fees paid to NEDs. Requirement E. 10% 8. Discussion of other interesting information provided. Requirement F. 10% 9. A conclusion that summarises the findings reported in the assignment. Requirement G. 10% 10 The quality of writing: a. Organisation: the assignment?s structure, ordering of ideas, linking of ideas and length. 5% b. Expression: The assignment?s use of conventional standards of business English. 5% 11. Credible and relevant sources of information are used to support the ideas expressed. 10%


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