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Your firm has clients named Danny and Mary. They are married and have two dependent children. They also fully support Mary's mother, who lives with them and has no income. Their 2010 tax and other related information is as follows;Total salaries - $110,000;Bank account interest income - $3,500;Municipal bond interest income - $1,500;Danny has part-time consultant income of $7200;Rent income - $7,000;Rent expenses - $9,000;Value of employer-provided medical insurance - $5,500;Value of premiums for $50,000 of group term life insurance provided by employer - $500;Share of partnership income - $30,000;Partnership distribution - $10,000;Dividend income from ABC stock - $2,000;Loan from Danny's parents - $5,000;Gift from Danny's parents - $15,000;Total itemized deductions - $16,000;Determine Danny and Mary's taxable income.;Show complete and detailed work with explanation.


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