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BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz




BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz;1.;Question;The one-sample t -test differs from the z -test in which way?; There are no parameter values involved in a t-test.; The t-test is more sensitive to minor differences between sample and population.; With the t-test one can be confident of the normality of the data.; The t-test requires no parameter standard error of the mean.;Question 2.;Question;If a certifying agency raises the requirements for real estate agents, what sort of decision error is the agency protecting against?;Student Answer; Type I; Type II; Type III; Type IV;Question 3.;Question;What is the alternate hypothesis in a problem where sales group two is predicted to be ?... significantly less productive than sales group one??;Student Answer; H A:? 1?? 2; H A:? 1 =? 2; H A:? 1 >? 2; H A:? 1 PRIVATE " " MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect The outcome is unlikely to have occurred by chance.; The outcome is important.;The outcome is unusual.; The outcome is one that can be explained by normal circumstances.;Question 5.;Question;The standard error of the mean can be calculated by dividing? by the square root of the number of values in the distribution.;Question 6.;Question;How does variability in the distribution of sample means compare to variability in a population based on individual scores?;Student Answer; Samples tend to vary less than individual scores.; Samples exaggerate differences among scores.; Individual scores tend to be more stable over time than samples.; Sample means vary less than individual scores.;Question 7.;Question;The z-test can be used to test mean differences even when the initial data set is not normally distributed.;True;False;Question 8.;Question;What is the advantage of a one-tailed test over a two-tailed test?;Student Answer; Less data variability in the groups involved.; Smaller critical values indicate significance.; Rejecting at H O =.05 involves less chance of error.; There are fewer calculations to make.;Question 9.;Question;The z- test requires an estimate of the population standard deviation;True;False.;Question 10.;Question;The standard error of the mean is actually the standard deviation of all of the means that make up the distribution of sample means.;True;False


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