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BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz




BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz;1.;Question;Technically, ?statistic? refers to which?;Student Answer; A sample characteristic; A measure of variability; A population characteristic; A particular scale of data;Instructor Explanation;Answer found in section 1.2 The Notation, in Statistics for Managers;Question 2.;Question;The tails of a normal distribution never touch the abscissa.;True;False;Question 3.;Question;The z-score indicates where an individual data value lies within the data set;True;False;Question 4.;Question;Which statement explains what inferential statistical analysis is?; The process of describing the sample.; Understanding the population through the sample.; The accumulation of population characteristics.; Comparing dissimilar samples.;Question 5.;Question;A parameter refers to a sample characteristic. True;False;Question 6.;Question;In statistical notation, M is to? as s is to?.;True;False;Question 7.;Question;Which of the following defines standard deviation?;Student Answer; The difference between the highest and lowest values.; The arithmetic average of a set of values.; The average difference between a set of values and the mean.; The average of the highest and lowest values in a set.;Question 8.;Question;Which of the following is NOT a measure of variability?;@Answer found in section 1.5 Descriptive Statistics, in Statistics for Managers; The standard deviation; The range; The variance; The median;Question 9.;Question;In a frequency distribution such as a bell-shaped curve, what does the vertical height of the curve indicate?;Student Answer; The different score values; The frequency of score occurrence; The probability of score occurrence; The normality of the distribution;Instructor Explanation;Answer found in section 2.1 A Primer in Probability, in Statistics for Managers;Question 10.;Question;A probability is found by dividing the number of possible outcomes (o) by the number of successes ? = o/e.;True;False


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